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Ages 7th Grade – Adult

Private Voice Lessons

For the very serious beginner or advanced student. Emphasis on proper voice development through a variety of song literature. Emphasis on Classical style of singing including students passion for Broadway, Country, Folk, Christian songs. Private Lessons include periodic group performance sessions which replace the private lesson for that week. *** See Policies for details.

Cost – $90 per 5 week sessions


Ages 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade

For the musically mature young singer. Combination of 3 individual lessons plus 2 performance class sessions of 1 hour each 5 week session. Performance included. This is an on-going class and student must be committed to the full year. Interview with teacher required. Must have at least 7 students for this group.

Cost – $90 per 5 week sessions


Lessons designed individually for the experienced or professional singer needing specific help on a song or choosing a song for an audition; choir, college, or musical.

Cost – $95 for 4 lessons

45 minutes in length


Scheduled 25 minute “singing session” with the teacher for an analysis of your voice and to discover if lessons are for you.

Cost – no fee if student enrolls for lessons. Otherwise, a minimal fee of $10 is expected.

SMALL PERFORMING GROUPSSmall Group Singing Lessons

Madrigals, Trios, Duets, etc. Interested students indicate to teacher the desire to perform regularly. These groups require committed students with on-going lessons. Groups will be formed as interest grows. Non E.V.A. students must interview with teacher.

Cost – Enrolled Eastside Vocal Academy (E.V.A.) student – $10 per 5 week session

Non E.V.A. student – $35 per 5 week session

Payments are divided into 5 week sessions, payable in advance of each session. These payments are for your convenience and lessons are expected to continue for the year not a mere 5 weeks. ASK FOR OUR POLICY STATEMENT when registering for lessons to learn about make-up lessons and further details of registration. Thank you.